Hypnotist Paul Knight has been performing stage hypnosis for over 30 years. He has appeared in a huge variety of venues including universities, corporate functions, high schools, comedy clubs and non-profit organizations. He has performed throughout the United States as well as internationally. He has been a speaker and entertainer at state, national and international seminars and conventions. His shows are known for performing classic stage hypnosis routines in a modern, 21st century style.


Paul Knight became interested in hypnosis as a young child. By the time he was a 12 he had read dozens of books about hypnosis and was completely captivated by the subject. As a teenager he continued to read and study everything he could about hypnosis from therapy to entertainment to the psychology of hypnosis. Mr. Knight serendipitously began his career while in college by helping a young lady quit smoking at a New Year's Eve party. That success led to more clients. While still in college he had built a small hypnotherapy practice. Upon graduating from college he completed his hypnosis training with Gil Boyne in Los Angeles. As a fully certifed hypnotherapist, he opened a full-time hypnotherapy practice in Denver, Colorado. During that time he began performing stage shows for the local schools and corporations. In 1994 he moved back to his home town of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While Mr. Knight travels all over America and beyond for entertainment, he continues to maintain his hypnotherapy practice in Milwaukee.

Education and Training

Besides his own self-study, Paul Knight was originally trained and certified by Gil Boyne. Mr. Boyne is internationally recognized as a premiere hypnosis instructor. Mr. Knight was trained in stage hypnosis by Ormund McGill who is considered the greatest stage hypnotist of the 20th century. Mr. Knight, beyond his over 30 years of experience with hypnosis, has participated in continuing education with some of the world's finest hypnotists. He has been certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and the National Guild of Hypnotists. Besides his hypnotherapy training, Mr. Knight earned a degree in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


Today Hypnotist Paul Knight works full-time as a hypnotist and hypnotherapist. He continues to amaze and amuse people with his fun, entertaining hypnosis shows, typically performing over one hundred shows per year. When he is not performing shows, he is helping people improve their lives through hypnotherapy. He  remains a favorite speaker for high schools, colleges and other organizations. He also donates his time to many charitable organizations, most notably Relay for Life. To learn more about how Paul Knight can help you or your organization, please contact Paul Knight by phone at 414-527-1778 or by e-mail at knightp@execpc.com

In addition to hypnosis, Paul Knight has a degree in business and a major in computer programming. He completed additional training in web design in 2008.
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